Technology Update: Crosspoint, Passwords

Cliff Scarborough/ February 6, 2017/ Facilitator Corner

Password for Email and Computer Access

Warning do not change your password through the Web Mail webpage. It does not check to see if the password meets the requirements of the district. When the password does not meet the requirements of the district it will invalidate the password. However, that is not the real issue – you cannot change your password more than one in a 24 hour period. Hence, you will be locked out of your account for 24 hours.

To correctly change your password use this link to change it through password manager: OR change it by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL and selecting Change Password. Remember to update the password on all devices connected to your account as well.


Crosspoint Password Warning

There is a different password screen. You can read about the change here. However there is a caution do not use an exclamation point ! It does not read that character correctly. We have had several users use this character in the password and it successfully changed however they were not be able to log in afterwards. It requires a reset through Mrs. Jenkins.

Lock your Laptop

If you leave your laptop for an extended amount of time use Windows+L to lock your computer. Even well intentioned students should not be allowed to use your computer under your logon. Leaving your computer unsecured invites problems.

Current On-going Projects in the TEC

Our student technicians have several projects going on….

  • Installation of Sound System in Culinary Dining Lab
  • Removal of Gateway 4500’s
  • Refresh of Teacher Dell 5500 and 5510 Laptops
  • Website Enhancements
  • Daily repairs of equipment
  • Staffing a Help Desk during all periods