Technology Updates – Projection, Audio, and Website

Cliff Scarborough/ January 30, 2017/ Facilitator Corner

I had a great experience at FETC that I will share with you in a later update, however 2 things are on the horizon in the TEC this week.

Projection and Audio Systems

  • Please check your projection and audio system today! On Tuesday Dr. Salerno has planned videos you will need to show in your classrooms. This will be a required part of the instruction for all teachers on Tuesday.
  • The Technology Empowerment Center will be there for your needs please call or send a student down for assistance. Our priority on Monday and Tuesday will be these A/V systems.



  • We will be offering a training on uploading to the website on Feb 1st at 2:00-3:30. This is open to academies, clubs, and sports. You can now maintain your own space on the web. Adding and updating the website is easy! Please let me know if you plan on attending this training so we can have your user accounts set up prior. Teachers you are encouraged to bring a student with you. We are empowering the students who would be also be responsible for updating your site.