Technology Updates – Website, New Laptops, and Service

Cliff Scarborough/ January 23, 2017/ Facilitator Corner


  • You may notice our new web presence. Our website went live with the relevant information on the old site. A lot of work has been put into this site and we have more to build.
  • We will be offering a training on uploading to the website on Feb 1st at 2:00-3:30. This is open to academies, clubs, and sports. You can now maintain your own space on the web. Adding and updating the website is easy! Please let me know if you plan on attending this training so we can have your user accounts set up prior. Teachers you are encouraged to bring a student with you. We are empowering the students who would be also be responsible for updating your site.


  • Spread the good news! From PBLs in the classroom to special recognitions. If you have a twitter account and would like to broadcast a message out tag @MainlandHigh. The Mainland High School twitter account will retweet appropriate messages from staff.


 Power devices down each night

  • Multiple logons, and crashed apps cause issues with our laptops. Restart or turn off every night! Our common troubleshooting is to turn it off and back on, because it works most of the time.


 Laptop Refresh

  • New laptops are coming. I will be scheduling appointments with our Student Techs to help you get setup with your new device. Our goal is to have anyone with a Dell 5500 or 5510 receiving a new laptop. We will be scheduling appointments however it will be a few weeks before everyone is done.

Technology Service Requests

  • Laptops – Bring it to the TEC. Student laptops can be dropped off and will be returned when fixed. If you have a question come on up with your laptop and we will help you. No email or appointment required.
  • Everything else needs a service request filled out.