Learning Outcomes in a Real World Enterprise

emPOWERment center – Mainland High Overview

The student led “genius bar style” of technology help, innovation, and repair. This program is designed to emPOWER students in Tony Wagner’s Seven Survival Skills while increasing technology integration at Mainland High. This class while high on outcomes of repair and IT support focus on producing students who will be able to seamlessly join the workforce as on-site or help desk based technicians.

  1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  2. Collaboration across networks and Leading by Influence
  3. Agility and Adaptability
  4. Initiative and Entrepreneurship
  5. Effective Oral and Written Communication
  6. Accessing and Analyzing Information
  7. Curiosity and Imagination

Operating Hours

  • 1-7th Periods and Lab during normal school hours.
  • Teacher Duty Day and Professional Duty Days as needed

Goals for Faculty and Staff support

  • Provide consistent customer focused support with technology
  • Increase knowledge base and resources for staff in technology
  • Increase technology use of content consumption
    • Laptop carts and iPad carts in constant rotation.
    • Increase use by 20%
  • Increase technology awareness of content creation
    • Provide training for teachers and students
    • Showcase content creation
    • Provide tutor and help in the makerspace

Makerspace (Student and Faculty access)

  • Video Editing
  • Drafting equipment
  • Poster printer
  • Color printer
  • Large High Speed copier
  • 3D Printer
  • Various Electronics and Robotics
    • Makey-Makey Kits
    • Lego VX Robotics
  • Sound Editing
  • High Tech Ellison Dye/CNC Machine

Job Description – emPOWERment center Intern

Mission Statement: To provide quality technology support to the faculty, staff, students at Mainland High School.

Description: The emPOWERment center will be a student run enterprise focused on technology support. Students will be expected to demonstrate work place responsibility and etiquette at all times.

Job Focus for Students

  • All students will be expected to be emPOWERment trainers, with an area of concentration:
  • Hardware repair
  • Social Media, writing, and web design
  • Makerspace and engineering
  • Adobe software and production equipment
  • Software Applications and Apps – Office365, and iPad apps.
  • MCAN Network Admin

Required Qualifications

  • Experience in Hardware repair, Social Media, writing, and web design, Makerspace and engineering, Adobe software and production equipment, Software Applications and Apps – Office365, and iPad applications, Network Admin
  • Enrollment in a career academy at Mainland High School
  • Good standing with grades and discipline

Required Skills

  • Passion for learning and demonstrating new technologies to others
  • Success in engaging in cooperative and collaborative projects
  • Ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally
  • Technology skills for record keeping, productivity applications

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide technical assistance and support for related to computer systems, software, and hardware.
  • Respond to questions either in person or over the phone.
  • Write training manuals.
  • Train computer users.
  • Respond to email messages for customers seeking help.
  • Ask questions to determine nature of problem.
  • Walk customer through problem-solving process.
  • Install, modify, and repair computer hardware and software.
  • Clean up and refurbish computers.
  • Run diagnostic programs to resolve problems.
  • Install computer peripherals for users.
  • Follow up with customers to ensure issue has been resolved.
  • Gain feedback from customers about computer usage.
  • Run reports to determine malfunctions that continue to occur.

Dress Code:

  • Five (5) collared embroidered emPOWERment center shirts will be issued. Interns will be expected to wear the issued shirts except during the identified school spirit day.


  • Mandatory Orientation: Aug 1st – Aug 4th 1pm-5pm
  • Pre-Planning Hours: Aug 8th – 12th required 20 hours, as scheduled to staff center
  • Open House: TBD
  • Assigned Wednesdays as needed 2p-3:30p
  • Other Professional Duty Days, evening hours, as needed. (Optional)
  • Must obtain 150 hours per credit assigned

Expected Outcomes and Tasks

  1. emPOWERment Learning Endeavor (ELE) 20% Project –
    1. 20% of the time in the program will be dedicated towards a personal project
  2. Event Planning & Presentations
  3. emPOWERment Live!
    1. Participate in emPOWERment Live! On Select Wednesdays at 2pm-3pm
  4. Technology Learning Modules
  5. Help Desk support

Grading Criteria

This program will use Standards Based Grading and common work place evaluation instruments. Evidence for ratings on the standards will occur through the expected outcomes and tasks.

  1. Interpersonal
  2. Informational
  3. Technology
  4. Thinking Skills
  5. Personal Qualities